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To be who I am right now, I have to have the strength and the courage to be like this 100% every day.” Tyra noted that feminine gay men are often represented on television, but it’s very rare to see a butch lesbian portrayed.

Hedda Lettuce jumped in with an assessment: “Feminine lesbians, it’s easy for men to fantasize about.

When Tyra asked Sam, the butch lesbian, why she thought she’d been made villain, she said, “They saw me as a threat.We like to wear dresses, get our hair and makeup done.”She insisted that at the end of the day, she was going home with a girl, but if she needed to trick people into thinking she is straight to get ahead, she would happily do so.Watching the show was like watching two friends breakup on Facebook: You can’t look away, but the entire time that you’re reading the passive-aggressive status updates you’re thinking, “shouldn’t you be doing this in .”While I appreciate the dialogue a show like this could open up, something about it rang false.Society and how to live in it always makes for good TV and the questions never stop being interesting and thought provoking on The Tyra Banks Show., which featured Tyra showing the next generation of models how it’s done. She was the first African-American model to appear on the covers of both reality show that’s been on TV since 2003, a talk show she hosted, music video appearances, authoring a few books, and creating a line of beauty products.

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Masculine lesbians, they go, ‘She can fix my car, but oh my God, don’t come near me!

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